Your partner at sea, maritime assistance and salvage operations.

Throughout the years, we have successfully diversified our services to achieve the full range of services in emergency response, routine operational matters and emerging projects. This allows us to undertake a job and operate with minimal to no external partner involvement.

We constantly raise our standards and challenge ourselves in order to become better. Megatugs has been widely recognized for being committed to its work and clients.


“Devoted to provide quality tailor made services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner by utilizing our people’s expertise and know how”

Our Strengths

Independency in operations

We have managed to accomplish operations by using our own means. This is achieved due to the variation in services we provide.

Knowledge & Experience

Gained throughout the years, based on the appropriate training and the variation of difficult operations.

The only and ultimate choice when in danger

Our immediate response and advanced experience, the high level of professionalism, as well as the cutting-edge technology of our equipment and our fleet drive Megatugs to be the leader in our field.

Diversification in fleet

Deep sea tugs, tanker vessel, harbour tugs, high speed inflatable rib boats, support vessels.

Ongoing investment in people

We invest in continuous education and seminars, in order our personnel to always remain up-to-date on the matters of equipment, technology and operations.

Quality assurance

Megatugs has developed a Quality and Safety Management System (QSMS), based on the ISO 9001:2016. Our ships over 500 GRT are certified by ISM.


Human Resources

Megatugs’ Human Resources consists of highly motivated, educated and well trained staff. The choice of the proper stuff of Megatugs is of high importance, as Human Resources constitutes one of the keys of our success from the beginning of our operation. Especially regarding to the technical services, our company employs people who are eager to evolve to their field through the continuous training. Many of our well trained and experienced crewmembers have been serving us for long time periods, a fact which leads to the great reliability and effectiveness of our services.

The different situations and various difficulties we face in each operation we undertake, in conjunction with learning from experienced colleagues adds to the experience and expertise of your staff. Teamwork in Megatugs results to the fact that more can be achieved when we pull together and hence the decades of our consecutive activity in maritime business are resulting to the fact that our expertise is unnegotiable.